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Serving Sedona, Verde Valley, Flagstaff and Northern Arizona for over 20 years ~ Your Professional Organizer

Notes from Linda Sogge
Summer is definitely here and many of us have spent a lot time inside our houses looking at all our "stuff"! Now is an ideal time to sort it out and release things we no longer use. Let's clear and make room for clarity and ease. I promise you it will be a lot more productive and fun with my expertise and enthusiasm! In addition I will provide you a free service with complimentary drop offs of your unwanted items to the appropriate nonprofit organizations and give you their tax deductible donation receipt.

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Life Balance with Linda

reduce Don't agonize. Organize. -- Florence Kennedy





Have you been looking for that one important receipt or

piece of paper for some time now?

Can’t find your favorite sweater because of closet chaos?

Looking for an efficient, effective way to organize

ANY room in your home and/or office? 

Precious photos are in random boxes or computer desktops

and need to be organized?

Need help with your small business in development,

marketing and organizational systems?

Looking for life balance but the clutter in your life is dragging you down?

I have the experience, energy, and enthusiasm to help you achieve your organizational goals!

Contact me today to schedule your complimentary consultation to evaluate your needs!

Linda Sogge

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Life Balance With Linda
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