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Serving Sedona, Verde Valley, Flagstaff and Northern Arizona for over 20 years ~ Your Professional Organizer

Notes from Linda Sogge
Summer is definitely here and many of us have spent a lot time inside our houses looking at all our "stuff"! Now is an ideal time to sort it out and release things we no longer use. Let's clear and make room for clarity and ease. I promise you it will be a lot more productive and fun with my expertise and enthusiasm! In addition I will provide you a free service with complimentary drop offs of your unwanted items to the appropriate nonprofit organizations and give you their tax deductible donation receipt.

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Before and After:

I create a system that works for you and your lifestyle. 
It is important for you to be satisfied with the result of the project so you are motivated and energized to continue. 

 Don't agonize. Organize. --Florence Kennedy

Below are a few before and after photos on various projects:  Click images to enlarge


Before:  A file drawer that can't close and is jam packed

After: The drawer now closes and is color and alphabetically coded



Your typical pantry shelf 

Adding attractive shelf dividers, attractive glass jars and zoning items to create an organized enhanced space


A small place where nothing can be found

Making the most out of this small space 


Great shelves but can't get to them!

Using the sort, donate, purge and containerize system, these shelves are now fully useable

No room to move!

Sorting, donating, labeling and boxing up items, plus bike hooks on the wall allow for a workable space


 Client files are disorganized, loose binders, references keep falling over

Client files are put in wire baskets, resources, binders are in magazine containers and zoned by subject

 garaagebefore.JPG  garageafter2.JPG
Garage shelf is messy and disorganized.
Containers are accessible, easy to see contents and shelf looks great!



Life Balance With Linda
Linda Sogge


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