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Life Balance

with Linda

Serving Sedona, Verde Valley, Flagstaff and Northern Arizona for over 20 years ~ Your Professional Organizer

Notes from Linda Sogge
Summer is definitely here and many of us have spent a lot time inside our houses looking at all our "stuff"! Now is an ideal time to sort it out and release things we no longer use. Let's clear and make room for clarity and ease. I promise you it will be a lot more productive and fun with my expertise and enthusiasm! In addition I will provide you a free service with complimentary drop offs of your unwanted items to the appropriate nonprofit organizations and give you their tax deductible donation receipt.

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Some Client Testimonials


"Working with Linda was a revelation in what ease in office work can be! She made what I had anticipated would be a daunting task into something quite enjoyable as well as fruitful. Of course her charming and compassionate presence had something to do with it, but, whatever it takes! She helped organize our office and plowed through paperwork that had been piling up for a year, and suggested systems to help keep us organized. All in all, a great investment!" 

                  Devika Gordon, Skin Bliss with Devika, Sedona


"When I first started working with Linda, I was overwhelmed with running my own business. My systems for inventory, invoicing, marketing, and customer management were barely getting me by.  As a designer, I need to spend my time working with clients and designing their solutions.  I was bogged down in administration.

Linda came in and listened to what was working and not, how I did business, my current systems (formal and informal).  She very quickly honed in on the problem areas, designed solutions, and helped me put everything together.  She actually pointed out things I was doing right too.

 She has an amazing way of taking mass amounts of information and boiling it down to what’s important.  The systems she put in place really work for me.  I have her come out once a year to review everything and help me move forward.  Working with Linda is like having someone lift a 50 lb weight off of your chest.“

                  Sheri Kosh, Owner, Decorating Den Interiors, Pittsburgh


“Linda, you’ve been an enormous help to us over the last few months.  You are a delight to work with, energetic, productive.  I think you strike a perfect balance between “getting things done,” and yet not being intrusive or stepping on toes.  I appreciate your professionalism.  Bravo!” 

             Kurt Mueller, Psychiatrist, Flagstaff


"Smooth transition" aptly describes Linda's ability to coach & thoughtfully move from one established environment to another. I had the opportunity to experience how she professionally & sensitively provides guidance, clarifying questions & unforeseen possibilities when leaving my office manager job. My concerns were explored & refined, a plan was created & carried out, with Linda's expert presence the whole way. She helped make a potentially stressful situation into an adventure of possibilities!"
          Sally Gebler, Licensed Massage Therapist Sedona


“Linda is terrific!  We left her in our kitchen for a couple of hours and came home to ... sanity in the cupboards!  She listened to our concerns and priorities and then presented us with a number of solutions to choose from.  She was of great assistance.   

          Howard Brown, Attorney, Flagstaff


 “A whole cupboard full of mementos of three grown children from their school years...  They were divided into appropriate boxes and now I can give them as a present as is, or put into a scrapbook.  Saved HOURS of time besides being fun to look at instead of hiding in a cupboard. 

 Boxes full of pictures, my oh, my...  They were separated and put into albums.  The amazing thing is that even though Linda didn't know our family very well she was able to separate them quite nicely into some type of a time-line or by event.  Now we can look at and enjoy our memories in a book!“   

            Julianne Hartzell, Child Education Advocate, Flagstaff


 “Mrs. Linda Sogge has done the impossible! Many who read this referral wouldn't understand how disorganized my life was; she flipped it around! I am the most organized probably since high school! I am 30 now!“  

            David Banks, Entrepreneur, Parks 


Life Balance With Linda
Linda Sogge


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